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Payout Percentages at Pokies Casinos

When considering which pokies casino to play on, it is important for the player to understand the fundamentals of pokies including things like payout percentages. In pokies, a payout percentage is the amount of money that is gambled by players that is paid out as winnings. Depending on the pokies casino, the number can vary greatly. In the United States, for instance, these payout percentages range from as low as seventy five percent to as high as eighty three percent. And these are just the minimum payout percentages at pokies casino. That is to say, the payout percentage can be higher if the casino chooses, but the minimum percentage they can pay out is often determined by the governing body of the location at which the casino presides.

An example to consider would be if a player was playing at a pokies casino that had a ninety five percent payout percentage on their pokies. Imagine that each time the player spun the machine it costs them a dollar. After one million spins, they would have spent one million dollars on the machine. In theory, with a payout percentage of ninety five percent, the pokie would have returned nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the player. That means that the player ended up losing a total of fifty thousand dollars. If the pokies casino had a payout percentage of ninety percent and the same situation was repeated, the player would only have been paid out nine hundred thousand dollars and would have lost a total of one hundred thousand dollars to the house.

RNGs and PRNGs

Random number generators are a way for a machine to select numbers at random that will determine the outcome of a spin on a pokie. In almost all of the machines produced in the modern age, pseudo random number generators are installed. In this scenario, the machine is in a constant state of randomly generating numbers. This can be at the rate of hundreds and even thousands of random numbers per second. In order for one of these numbers to be selected, the player pushes the play or spin button. At that exact moment, the computer will then pick the random number that was most recently generated and use it to determine what the final result of the pokie spin will be.

The way that a pokies casino is able to avoid cheating on this system is that the random numbers are constantly being generated. This makes it impossible for cheaters to predict which number will come next based on previous games played. This works regardless or not the potential cheater happens to know where the games were programmed and what algorithms were used in its PRNG production.

Linking Machines

Pokies are sometimes linked in certain casinos in order to offer the player a larger prize if they should hit the jackpot. In this scenario, each machine in the group will put a small amount of money into a progressive jackpot every time the spin button is pressed.

This is to incentivise players with the promise of much larger jackpots than any one machine could afford to offer by itself. Sometimes there are even a myriad of machines that are linked in casinos that are located in various areas. One can imagine how fast a progressive jackpot could grow in this case.