pokies online

Welcome Bonus

When looking for the best place to play pokies online, one might want to consider the different types of bonuses that are often offered at online casinos. One of the first and easiest to get, especially for new players trying their luck at a brand new casino, is a welcome bonus.

With a welcome bonus, the casino will voluntarily match the first deposit that the player makes with the condition that this has to be the first time that a player has played at that casino group or specific casino. If a player is lucky, the casino actually might offer to match not only the first, but even the second and third deposit that the player makes. For example, a player deposits fifty dollars to play pokies online and the casino will match that fifty dollar deposit with another fifty dollar deposit. This gives the player a total of one hundred dollars with which to play pokies online.

Referral Bonus

Another type of bonus a player can utilise when playing pokies online is a referral bonus. The first referral bonus is the type of bonus a player would get for referring another player to a casino. For instance, if a player refers their friend to play pokies online and that friend signs up, the player will get a fifty dollar referral bonus that can be applied to their bankroll.

The other type of referral bonus involves being the player that is being referred. In this case, because a friend referred a player to a specific site, that player is now given a twenty five dollar bonus towards their bankroll should they decide to sign up and play on that site.

Cashback and No Deposit Bonuses

In a cashback bonus, the player is offered a portion of their previous gaming loses on a pokies online casino as money that can be applied to their current bank roll. This means that if a player has lost one hundred dollars in the last two weeks playing at an online casino, that casino will then take a portion of that loss, say twenty dollars, and offer it back to the player to use again at the casino. Generally speaking, the cash back bonus can’t be applied to money that was given to the player in the form of a bonus in the first place. That means that if a player was given a one hundred dollar welcome bonus, they cannot be given a portion of that amount back in a cashback bonus.

A no deposit bonus is one of the most widely used and popular forms of bonuses given in the realm of online casinos. In this bonus scheme, a player does not have to risk any of their own money in order to be given free money to gamble with. The idea behind this no deposit bonus is to pull in new players to the casino that they have never played there before. Unlike a bonus where a player’s deposit is matched by the casino, such as a welcome bonus, there is no need for the player to deposit money to play with. However, this money cannot simply be taken straight out of the player’s bankroll and deposited into their account. The money has to be played through a certain amount of times in order for the player to actually get paid.